Arcade Classic Pack

Arcade Classic Pack

Arcade Classic Arcade Pack includes nice games: Asteroids, PacMan and more

Arcade Classic Pack is a collection of nine classic arcade games in Flash.
Arcade Pack includes Asteroids, PacMan, Frogger, Hexxagon, Pong, Snake, Space Invaders, Tetris, and Tic Tac Toe.

In Asteroids you will guide your spaceship destroying asteroids, in PacMan you have to battle again ghosts, in Frogger you have to reach the safety of your home crossing streets and river, in Space Invader you defend the Earth against an alien invasion, in Tetris you have to form lines with the falling pieces, in Tic Tac Toe you must put three tiles on a line, in Hexxagon you have to win every available space, in Pong you play tennis against the computer, in Snake you guide a snake that must eat everything and avoid the walls.

As the program keeps your score, you can compete against players worldwide.

Each game has its own rules and controls, identical to the original arcade games.

But there is a common frame for every game: you´ll see three buttons on the lower left corner. Clicking your mouse over the green one you will be directed to the Main Menu, clicking over the yellow button will restart the current game, and pressing the red button, your default email client will open, with an email message ready to be sent to your friends, telling about the program.

In every game, the P key will pause/unpause the game, and the M key will mute or unmute the sound.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a great compilation of the most famous arcade games, in a very little file, occupying very litte RAM, and it´s free


  • Pong fails frequently, the balls come from nowhere, or bounce over the numbers of the score. There are no instructions on how to play the games
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